Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana: The Movie review

Last night was the opening night of "Hannah Montana - The Movie", starring Miley Cyrus. My daughter Emma was invited by her best friend Caralyn to go watch it at the local movie theater, to celebrate Caralyn's 9th birthday. Armed with a present which consisted of 2 CDs (Mammia Mia soundtrack and High School Musical 3), she joined the party of 6 excited children (5 girls and 1 perplexed boy) watched over by our friends Nikki and Brian, who looked a bit frazzled (probably the excitement of seeing the movie I expect :-)

The movie was followed by pizza. Emma's review of this movie was "really good", "awesome", "fabulous", "double-awesome" and "really, really, really, really good". Oh, to be 9 years old again!

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