Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where's me washboard?

With the likely prospect that I will be without a washer for a few weeks, thanks to Lowes and their inadequate stock system, I have rediscovered the joys of handwashing. Emma and I spent a pleasant half an hour washing our "smalls" with the aid of two buckets and a bathtub. There's something quite therapeutic about sloshing clothes around in soapy water, and you can also give them a good ol' thump if you are in that kind of mood (lots of thumping occurred yesterday).Did I mention what happened yesterday when my dryer (without matching washer) was delivered?? The delivery men started up the dryer to demonstrate its smooth operation, and all we could hear was a series of loud thumps and bangs. Turns out they had decided that a good place to store their electric drill while carrying the dryer was inside the drum. Needless to say, the new dryer, complete with its dented interior, will be going back to Lowes (probably much more promptly than it arrived).

Anyway, however delightful it is to do the weekly wash in a bucket, I think I will have to learn how to use the local launderette - it will be like being back in Uni. The only positive thing I can see about the prospect of spending an hour watching my washing go around is that there is a Dunkin Donuts next door. Should make it bearable at least.

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