Friday, April 24, 2009

All aboard!

Having just arrived back from vacation, I felt compelled to blog about the airlines. We flew with American Airlines, who have put in place a charge of $15 for the first checked-in bag per person, $25 for subsequent bags. Now apart from being annoying from a hidden-charge perspective, this has also encouraged people to pack even more into their "carry-on sized" bags/suitcases to avoid having to checkin a bag! The whole activity of boarding a plane has become even worse than before, with the aisles at a standstill while some businessman tries to cram his huge bag and laptop case into the overhead compartments. Then some poor traveller with one small carry-on item can't find space in the overhead compartment because its full to the hilt with suitcases.

And while I'm on the subject of boarding, why do the airlines insist on boarding the aircraft from front to back? It makes no sense! Wouldn't back to front be more logical so that less people are blocking the aisle, or is that just me not getting it?

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