Wednesday, May 16, 2012

White Heat..a bit lukewarm

Just finished watching the last episode of a BBC series called "White Heat". It was OK but OMG it was slow. I found myself fast-forwarding though the long pauses between words.

It was about a group of twenty-somethings in the 60's who share a house. The story traces their lives though the years, and a parallel story takes place in presumably modern times where they return to the house when one of the group dies.

Different actors played the characters in the 1960's to their equivalents in today's times. In some cases the likeness was reasonable and believable. But in others I am not sure that they could've got it more wrong. The black guy had faded a few shades and one guy looked to be in his 40's whereas two of the other men seemed to have aged to their eighties. It was very bizarre, with probably the best thing being the snippets of 60s, 70s and 80s music throughout.

How much?!

For my birthday next year we thought we'd go somewhere special. Australia, we thought. That will be nice.So I started browsing the airfares for the 4 of us and very quickly became disillusioned. $4000 per person for the flights alone. And that was coach!

Just for the hell of it I looked at the cost of 4 first class tickets to Sydney. Can you believe it was $88000! Yes thats correct...Eighty-eight THOUSAND dollars!!!!! Who on earth has that kind of money to spend on one flight? The world has gone mad!

I guess we will have to pick a different destination...

Remember this one?

Just made an "oldies but goodies" playlist on my iPod and am sipping wine while listening to some of my old favorites from a L O N G time ago. Chicago "if you leave me now", Paul Young "don't dream its over", Manfred Mann "Davy's on the road again", Genesis "Follow you,follow me", Andrew Gold "Never let her slip away"...And who remembers "Airport" by The Motors, and all those wonderful hits by 10CC. One of my favorites was "I'm Mandy, Fly me" ..wonder what the equivalent would be nowadays? "I'm Kylie, Fly me" possibly?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watch out Jamie Oliver

Happy Mother's day to me! I was greeted with a lovely bunch of flowers, plus two "kitchen creations" from my children. One was a plate of bright pink, heart shaped pancakes complete with White chocolate chips and strawberries. The other was a pizza made with a cookie base, cream cheese & cool whip sauce, topped with a variety of fruits. They both tasted pretty good although I must confess that a bowl of All-Bran and a slice of toast would've sufficed.