Monday, May 18, 2009

Bejeweled Blitz rules

I haven't quite worked out the logic behind Bejeweled Blitz. The instructions are close to useless. If you get 4 in a row you get a power gem. If you get 5 in a row you get a hyper cube. OK. Got that. So now what?
Here's a few "rules" that I have found from my brief exposure to this game (at least I think they are rules, it all goes by so fast I could be mistaken!!)
If you destroy the power gem in a row of 3 or more then you get a small explosion and (presumably) more points.
It took me ages to work out what a hyper cube does. If you swap it with an adjacent gem, then all gems of that type are destroyed with lightening-like flashes, and you get points for each one destroyed.
You can also get a multiplier which, when destroyed as part of a group of 3 or more, will multiply all subsequent points by that amount (2X, 3X etc). It can also be activated by being near a power gem when it is destroyed.
If you drag the hyper cube to a gem of the same type as a multiplier, then you activate the multiplier. But don't make your hyper cube part of a row of 3 or more because if you do, you just seem to lose it as though it was a normal gem. Bummer.

The piece that seems to be pure luck is whether or not a multiplier appears at all. I cannot work out what makes the multipliers (2X, 3X etc) appear, it seems totally random. Mine always seem to appear right at the end of the 1 minute when its too late to do anything with it. There is no way you can get much more than 20K points without using multipliers.

The only other thing I know is, if you go fast you get extra speed points. Big Whoop.

This is the most frustrating, but also addictive game I have played in a long while. Oh well, back for another 1 minute frenzied attempt at 100K...


  1. You ask what makes the multipliers appear? They appear when with ONE move, you can make at least 15 jewels disappear.

  2. actually, I think it's only 12 gems in 1 move.

  3. There is also an ON FIRE stage you can build to. If you go fast enough, things start to crackle. After a few seconds of crackling (and earning lots of speed points)The game turns a bright orange and every three in a row you get during that period, makes a mini explosion! Don't know how long the orange lasts...thought it correlated to continuity of explosions, but it goes away eventually even if you continually make matches. I'm usually to 'frenzied' to see how much time elapses.

  4. Is one colored jewel worth more than another?