Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chris is a party-pooper

I tried to arrange a lunchtime drink with a couple of work pals this week. One of them, Chris, said he couldn't go because he had to go check his septic tank. Well, I've been given some lines in my time but that's a new one.....

Are you sewer you won't change your mind? I asked. He's taking the piss I thought. I was really pee'd off, tanks a lot...

A favorite quote from that master of one liners, Tommy Cooper:
My wife and I were married in a toilet - it was a marriage of convenience!

And a more recent comedian....

If you stay in a house and you go to the bathroom and there is no toilet paper, you can always slide down the banisters. Don't tell me you haven't done it. -- Paul Merton

OK enough sewer humor, I must lav you and leave you (I'm feeling a bit flushed).

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