Sunday, May 12, 2013

Burying my head in the pillow

Feeling tired in the middle of the day? Never fear because the Ostrich Pillow is here!  Its a "revolutionary idea that enables easy power naps anytime, anywhere."

This design may offer "a micro environment in which to take a cozy and comfortable power nap at ease" but I think I would rather let my head visibly loll to the side with dribble emerging from my mouth than be seen with a large grey cushion enveloping my head. 

Smile please!

A nice picture of the kids taken in our garden.

Mothers Day 2013

Its Mother's Day today in the US. Received some very nice flowers, chocolates and a beautiful framed picture of the kids. Started the day with a full English cooked by my lovely hubbie, ended the day with dinner at a local restaurant. Very relaxing.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Worth every penny

Back in 2001 we decided to finish our basement. The idea was that the kids would have somewhere to play and a place to store their toys, without having to clutter up the house. We also installed a gym and a pool table. Over the years it has not been used much; when they were young the kids didn't like being down there on their own; they wanted to be in the thick of things in the family room. The novelty of a pool table wore off and it has sat there gathering dust for the past 10 years. And even the gym only gets used once in a blue moon, usually at the start of the latest keep fit resolution.

But finally it has paid off. Increasingly on the weekends one of the kids will have a movie night with a group of their friends. They don't want to be with us and frankly, we don't want them with us, so the basement is perfect. It has a 46 inch wall mounted TV with a Wii and Xbox. All the furniture that we have gradually replaced from the family room over the years is now in the basement. There is even a small fridge for their drinks. Its a perfect solution. Shame we had to wait so long before it showed its worth but on the nights when I sit in my family room and can hear the distant sound of seven 16 year olds talking and shouting from below, I thank my lucky stars there is a floor between us and that they are not in the next room.

A milestone birthday

I am now officially the mother of two teenagers (hence the stressed appearance and overnight aging). Happy 13th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Emma! Its all downhill from here