Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bailey! My how she's grown!

We are now officially "Dog people" as we acquired a Golden Retriever puppy that we called Bailey in April this year. We had her at 8 weeks and she is 6 months old now. She has grown from about 10lb to her current weight of about 50lb. She will probably end up at 70lb. She is a lovely dog. We did not have too much trouble with house training or destructive behavior. She is not great at walking on a leash but I expect that will come with time. Heres some pictures:

Talk about a coincidence!

Plymouth, MA is a lovely place. It is home to the Plymouth Plantation (a mock-up of a pilgrim village), the Mayflower II (replica of Mayflower which the pilgrims sailed across the ocean in to land in America) and Plymouth Rock (said to be the first rock the pilgrims stood on when they landed on shore after their arduous journey). Below is a picture of Plymouth Rock. Don’t you think it’s amazing that the first rock they stood on was one that actually had the date carved into it! What are the odds?!!!

Could it have been much worse?

Over the weekend I went to Plymouth, MA with a friend for a Pub Crawl. I won’t go into details, suffice to say it has motivated me to generate a “top-ten” list.
Ten things that would be worse than my pub crawl in Plymouth…
1. Staying in watching husband cut his toenails
2.  Having a pap smear
3. Cleaning hair out of the drain of the shower
4. Having a gum graft
5. Childbirth

6.   Nope…I don’t have ten. It was pretty bad…

Lesson Learned...Not!

I read in the BBC News today that a young woman holidaying in Cornwall was rescued by the same lifeboat crew three times in four days after being cut off by the tide.
In each case, she had been cut off by the tide while out walking and the lifeboat crews had to go into the water to rescue her.
She has since been given a "comprehensive safety briefing", the RNLI said. Despite her triple rescue ordeal, the woman was unhurt and said to be "fine".
“Fine”?! I think she must at least have a screw loose somewhere. And I hope that comprehensive safety briefing included the words “fucking idiot” …