Friday, November 12, 2010

The joy is in the giving?

I would like to officially state here and now, to all those who have asked me for ideas for my husbands Christmas present this year, that I have no clue whatsoever. I have no understanding of the various gizmos he wants. If I bought one it would almost certainly be the one which "doesn't interface on the correct bandwidth and has the wrong dongle to play the latest version of Madden foozball". I can't even suggest a pair of socks because he has two drawers full, and only wears a handful (footful?) of them. So I'm afraid I am as clueless as you, and all I can suggest is some sort of multi-purpose tool or some alcohol - he must surely be able to find some use in one or both of those!

The calm before the storm?

Its such a beautiful fall morning I thought I'd post a picture of my back garden with the leaves down, before it gets covered in snow. Its mornings like this that make me glad I live here (but ask me again in a few months time...)

Its what little girls are made of

Did you know that cats dislike sweet food because they have a defect in the taste receptor gene that detects sweet and sugary foods? So they can't actually taste sweet food at all. I wonder what that would be like? Eating a big bar of chocolate and just getting a mushy, cloying feeling in your mouth, munching on a Crunchie and having the sensation of eating packed sand, and chewing on a Starburst and feeling like you are eating a piece of gum where the flavor has run out. I think we'd all be pretty skinny, but possibly a bit less content....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Corrie Nation - I just don't get it

Just been trying out the new game on Facebook called "Corrie Nation". Now being a bit of a Coronation Street fan I thought it may be fun. How mistaken I was! I have to say, I just don't get it. You start with an empty street and you have to buy houses and characters (from the TV show) for the street. You only get a finite amount of money to buy them with, and the only way of getting more appears to be by subscribing to something like Netflix, or take out a magazine subscription. So it seems to me to be just one big marketing ploy.  And lets assume I did subscribe and get enough money to "kit out the street". What then? Do I just sit there and look at it with pride? Invite the neighbors round to oooh and aahh at how full my street is? Maybe I'm just old but give me Space Invaders any day - you know where you are with that.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wheres the fun in that?

One of the big problems with Halloween is all that left over candy as well as and the collection of even more candy that the kids bring home from their "trick or treating". Its really hard to walk past the bowl and not grab one of those small bars of chocolate. The thing I want to know is, why is it called "fun-size" candy? Whats so fun about getting just one small nibble of a bar of chocolate? Give me "giant" or "family-size" bars any day.