Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An instrument of torture!

Today Robert has had the first part of his orthodontic treatment fitted; a thing called a Herbst appliance. Although he said it does not hurt, it looks like some form of torture device. It is a piece of metal cemented to his molars, top and bottom, with a hinge connecting the top to the bottom, and a bar across the roof of his mouth. What its intended to do is encourage the lower jaw to grow forwards more, so the top and bottom teeth line up correctly. This will also prevent that "chinless wonder" appearance later in life caused by the lower jaw settling into a position further back than nature intended.

He's finding it a bit difficult to eat right now, and has had mainly soft, liquidy stuff today. I think he will soon get fed up of soup! He is also finding some words a bit difficult to say as he gets used to the bar across the top of his mouth. (That's ok by me, he always has too much to say, a bit of peace won't hurt :-)

The device stays in place for at least 6 months. I have read that soon he won't even notice its there.

I wonder if he will set off the metal detectors in the airport....

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