Sunday, April 12, 2009

How much?

I will never understand the logic behind airline flight pricing. On Thursday when I searched for flights for 4 of us from Boston to London, Virgin Atlantic quoted $3328. On Saturday when I looked again it had been reduced to $2500. Excellent I thought. I will check that the dates are OK with my parents and if so, make the booking. So I did that and this morning sat down to book, only to find that the cost of the flights had increased to $3100!
Why so much variation over such a short time period? Why can't the flights just cost what they cost at each time of the year? At least you know where you stand. So I haven't booked the flights because I can't decide whether to wait until tomorrow to see if they drop again. They probably won't and I will end up not booking at all because I hate paying more for something when I know that it had once been cheaper.

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