Monday, March 23, 2009

"You can't make it up"

What is going on with the weather? Yesterday it was pretty nice considering it was March. Temps in the low 50's, sunny, blue sky. We spent a lovely day in Boston with nothing warmer on than a fleece. When we got home it was so nice "we" decided to assemble the swing we'd bought for our deck. So Tony went outside and before you could say "its getting a bit windy", the wind whipped up, the sky went gray, and it started to snow. SNOW!! I kid you not.

So Tony battled on manfully, freezing hands grappling with the wrench. When it was all assembled, he gratefully came indoors for a well-earned cup of tea. And would you believe it! The snow stopped, the wind dropped, and the sun came back out. "You can't make this up" was one of the phrases Tony uttered. Someone up there did not want us to have a swing on the deck....

1 comment:

  1. Dad wasn't the only one who was freezing their butt off trying to put up the swing!