Friday, March 6, 2009

Fuji Steakhouse

Just got back from an evening out at the Fuji Steakhouse in Marlborough. What a great restaurant! Its the first time I've been there. The chef, who was actually Taiwanese not Japanese, prepared the food on a huge Hibachi grill at the table. This provided more entertainment value than Gordon Ramsey in a bad mood. Our chef started by lighting the oil on his hotplate sending a 4 foot high flame into the air. Then he juggled knives, set an onion volcano alight and generally produced all the oohhss and aahs you would expect . By the time he was done we felt like we'd had an evenings entertainment already! But its not all showmanship. The food was very good. The ingrediants looked fresh and good quality and the chicken Terriaki I had was perfectly cooked. A friend had rolled sushi and it looked very nice too (although I did not want to taste it - I prefer my food cooked). All in all, a very good night out.

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