Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Valley of the Sun

Every year around this time, we get sick of the cold weather and start to think about going somewhere warm. We usually plan our trip so it occurs during the April school holiday. This year is no exception and we have decided to go to the Phoenix area in Arizona to catch some rays.

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State (no prizes for guessing why) and the greater Phoenix area is known as The Valley of the Sun (again, no prizes). The average daytime highs in April is 84 degrees, lows are 55 degrees, so we should be able to get a bit of a tan.

We plan to go pony treking thru the Arizona desert, take a daytrip to Tuscon, and also go salt river tubing (http://www.saltrivertubing.com/), visit the desert botanical gardens (http://www.dbg.org/), and Tovrea castle http://phoenix.gov/PARKS/tovrea.html . If our previous vacations are anything to go by, we will probably do none of these things and lounge by the hotel pool all day! I will report back when we return

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