Sunday, March 8, 2009

Craig is a good guy

Are you familiar with Craigslist ( Its is available in many countries and there is a local version for each area. It is basically a website for the sale of second-hand goods, similar to the "for sale" columns in the local newspapers. The differences, and advantages are that it is free to use and you can post photographs of the article you are selling. It is widely used in the US, but I noticed that it also has versions for other countries, including the UK (mainly London though).

Yesterday afternoon I posted our old swingset for sale. I attached some photos. An hour after posting I had two people who wanted to come and see it. By early evening I had 4 people interested and this morning there was a list of 6. Needless to say, by mid-morning it had gone from 'For Sale' to 'Sold' and I am now $350 better off than I was yesterday, plus the swingset has been moved from my property and I did not have to lift a finger to do it. Can't complain about that!

While trying to post my listing, I discovered my pictures were too large to post. I found this tool called JpegSizer which has a 15 day trial period. It changed my 400MB photo into 77MB in the blink of an eye. And it was easy to use. Pretty impressive. I may even buy it!

Anyway, now that I have had some success with Craigslist I have started looking around the house for other things that we do not use and that others may be willing to pay for. Methinks that Tony's pool table may be a prime candidate...

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