Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't believe all you see on TV

I recall many years ago watching a TV show in the UK. It was one of those "magazine" type shows that mascaraded as a serious science, health and technology program. The presenters introduced a female guest whose hair was covered up by a headscarf. The topic being addressed was the body's ability to regulate itself, and the way that we interfere with that process. The example used was the fact that we mess up our hairs natural oils by constantly washing it. The guest had been told not to wash her hair for 2 weeks. She took off her scarf and, of course, her hair was all bouncy and shiny, causing her to vow that she would never wash her hair again!

After having a bad cold recently and feeling so ill I did not wash my hair for 4 days I can now categorically state that either:

(a) this woman had cheated and sneaked in a quick shampoo & set before the show or,

(b) I should've waited longer than 4 days. Obviously my natural oils had not yet re-balanced themselves.

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