Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grumpy old men

We've started watching a series, originally shown on British TV, called Grumpy old Men. Its obviously been around for many years, because John Peel is on it, but we've only just found out about it. The TV show basically consists of interviews with 'famous' Brits (specifically men in the 40-55 age range) commenting on all the things in life that irk them. If you've ever thought to complain about it, its covered. Examples are : Men with pony tails, CDs whose wrappers refuse to come off, the way teenagers raise their voice at the end of every sentence making everything sound like a question, Reality TV shows, confusing markings painted on roads, cellphones, feminists, kids who need a good slap, political correctness, abbreviations used in text name it, they complain about it.

It cracks me up - it HAS to be based on Tony! Either that or his pal Neil Roberts (

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