Monday, March 16, 2009

Isn't technology wonderful :-(

Ahh-ttishoo!! So here I am at home on a Monday with a stinking cold. Headache, shivers, runny nose, sneezing, eyes watering....the label on the bottle of cold/flu medicine could've been written just for me. But never fear! I have my handy, dandy secure ID card for remotely accessing my work account, which means that I can do a full days work from the relative comfort of my own home, thus saving vacation time (no such thing as sick time in the US). Now is this a good thing or not? Just because I can do this doesn't mean I should. I should probably be lying in bed with a hot-water bottle, sweating and snoring peacefully. But instead I'm beavering away doing salary planning and keeping up with my numerous emails (apart from taking this brief interlude to write this blog entry, obviously). Talk about being shackled to my job...pass me the Kleenex somebody

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