Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Memories of Aston University

I was thinking today about my time in University. I attended Aston University in Birmingham, England from 1981-1985. I was studying (or I believe the popular phrase used on "University Challenge" now is 'reading') Computer Science and Mathematics. It amazes me how little I can remember, and I sure this is not because I was in a perpetual drug or alcohol induced haze.

I recall some friends (some of whom I've made contact with all these years later via Facebook!): Debbie Gargett (now Buse), Brenda Scott (now Chadwick), Richard Storey. But then the names get a bit more fuzzy....Sharon from Preston, Lancashire, Lynn England(?) from Sheffield, Jane whose boyfriend was called Grant, Ruth from Port Talbot, Paul from Stourbridge(or was it Sollihull?), Michelle from Halesowen, Della Turner?, Jon from some town where they speak posh.....

I do recall stupid things though, like the excitement of having what seemed to me like a large amount of money to spend on whatever I wanted. One of the first things I did was go shopping in Birmingham and buy some Snoopy posters (hey! they were popular at the time - at least in my room they were...). I also remember constantly missing my Economics class in the first year because my timetable had scheduled a math class on campus immediately followed by an Economics class somewhere off the campus in the middle of Birmingham. It was too much of a rush. So I basically stopped going and hoped I could learn everything from a large yellow textbook on Economics, by somebody called Lipsey, loaned to me by Ruth from Port Talbot...

The point I'm trying to make is, what is it that makes you forget things like your friends names, yet you can remember the first poster you bought in college or the author of a stupid book you borrowed? Is this just me getting a bit senile in my old(ish) age? Will I soon start repeating stories and making sure I know exactly what day it was that I saw so-and-so at the mall? Is this the start of a slippery slope..memory-wise?

For the whole of the 3 years at Aston, I can only remember a handful of events, and none of them relate to the Computer Science and Mathematics I was taught!! Makes me wonder what the point of going was, and more importantly, why I am frantically saving to send Robert and Emma to college if all they are going to do is remember the crummy posters they put up on their walls....

To anyone that remembers me and reads my blog (a tall order I know), please help me fill in the blanks by commenting (as long as its something I would want to remember of course....)

By the way, the photos above are of the following people:
Photo top left, left to right, top to bottom:

Lynn England(?) from Sheffield, Sharon from Preston,
group at table (Debbie Gargett, me, Martin (?). Della Turner, someone French),
Richard Storey, me (final year),
Aston Campus, Debbie Gargett, Brenda Scott
Photo top Right:
Brenda Scott, me (first year),
Lynne England(?), Brenda (again), Michelle from Halesowen,
Jane who had boyfriend Grant, Ruth from Port Talbot, George (Long???), Jon with the posh voice.


  1. Hello Heather!
    I'm the "George Long" in the picture. The other guy is Jon Hughes.
    Paul Noott was the another flat mate we hung around with.

    Brings back memories, eh?


    1. Hi George, don't think I ever replied to you! Its been 4 years since I posted this! Still, better late than never...
      Thanks for the reminder of the names. I've since been in touch with Jon, who coincidently, also lives in the US and is on Facebook
      Did you see that the towers were demolished?