Monday, June 1, 2009

Emily Dickinson - Get a life!

My challenge for the weekend was to help Emma with her end-of-year school project. The task was to create the desk of a famous person. The idea is that the children research their selected person, find out about their background etc, then they place objects that represent that person's life on a posterboard, which represents the desk.

Emma had a whole host of famous people to pick from, including ex-presidents with event-filled lives such as JFK. So who did Emma pick? She picked Emily Dickinson, a poet who was also a recluse. She had no hobbies, she never married or had a family or a pet, she only attended college for 1 year then dropped out because she was home-sick. She basically stayed at home all day every day writing poetry until she died. I challenge you to come up with an interesting desk for Ms Dickinson....

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