Friday, June 5, 2009

Counting down from 14

Two weeks (and counting) until the kids are out of school and starting their long, 11 week break. In my opinion this is a ridiculously long time. By the time they return they will have forgetten how to read! One thing I will be happy about however is to have a break from the endless homework. Even though its their homework, I seem to have to get involved to some extent every single day. With Rob its not so bad, he asks the occasional math question, which by the way, are getting harder by the day and there will come a point where I will have to say "ask your father". He learnt a long time ago not to bother to ask me about American history or geography so I'm OK there.

Emma is the homework headache. She scrawls at her homework assignments as quickly as she can, and that is when she remembers to do them. I have to keep track of everything she has to do that week, as well as the daily assignments. At the end of the year all the special projects come too - more for me to remember. Then theres the soccer practice, the soccer games, the early morning drama practice, the math club, the concerts....the list is endless. Its no wonder I have no room in my brain for anything else.

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