Sunday, June 21, 2009

CVS - Call yourself a Pharmacy?

I went to CVS today. You know, CVS? The pharmacy? I went there to get some dental stuff that Robert needs for his braces (orthodontic wax to be exact). I could've bought a bucket and spade, a small space-saving heater, a portable air conditioner, a deck chair, a set of stackable bowls, a watch, a 12 pack of Pepsi, a sunhat, a set of crutches, a set of false nails, a small fuzzy mouse for my cat, any variety of chocolate (as long as it was Hershy's), a Shamwow cloth, a cuddly toy :-), a set of matching candle holders and an ab lounger. But could I find any orthodontic wax? As they would say in Coronation Street "Could I eck as like!". Call themselves a pharmacy. They get more like Building 19 by the day!

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