Sunday, May 3, 2009

Roller Kingdom

Emma's 9th birthday "bash" this year was a party at Roller Kingdom in Hudson with 6 of her friends (Caralyn, Kara, Alexandra, Alyssa, Anna and Kseniya). Roller Kingdom is an indoor roller skating rink, with lots of flashing lights and mirrored walls. The music is loud and its full of kids, ages ranging from toddlers to teens, skating round the floor with varying degrees of proficiency. We had pizza and ice-cream cake, and lots of sugary drinks to give everyone more energy than they could ever hope to work off on the rink.

I was fascinated to see the different skating styles on the rink. There were mom's desperately trying to keep their 3 year old upright, 14 year old girls holding hands as they skated around trying to look indifferent and not fall over, teenage boys casually skating whilst browsing through texts on their cellphone, and finally the dads trying desperately to look cool but really just looking slightly foolish :-)

Anyway, I think Emma and her friends enjoyed it, if the noise they made is any indication of that. They did lots of skating, laughing, dancing and endless trips to the bathroom "en masse"...when one of them needed to go, they all went!

From Left to Right in the photo below, Alexandra, Anna, Kara, Kseniya, Caralyn, Emma, Alyssa)

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