Monday, May 18, 2009

Tell Me Why.....

I don’t like Mondays. Regardless of how good or bad my weekend was, I am still never glad to be back in work. What is it about a Monday that is so depressing? This particular Monday morning, my hair wouldn’t behave itself even with copious amounts of flat-ironing. I couldn’t find anything to wear that I liked. On my drive to work the roads were full of idiots getting in my way. The weather was grey and overcast (making my hair frizz on the walk from the parking lot). I went to the cafeteria to get breakfast and spilt my cup of tea all over my just-toasted muffin. My calendar was full of meetings I didn’t want to attend. All I can say is just don’t cross me on a Monday ….Grrrr

Below is the obvious choice of song to accompany this blog entry, but with a nice twist - it also shows one of my favorite TV shows with sexy Hugh Laurie (I would never have said that in his Blackadder days!)

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