Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These things are sent to try us

I was reading about a man in China who was threatening to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. One passer-by made his way up to the distressed man and held out his hand as if to try and save him. He then proceeded to push the man off the bridge, declaring that he was fed up with the desperate man's "selfish activity" which caused huge traffic jams in Guangzhou, southern China. Luckily for the potention suicidee, the police had managed to setup an airbag below so he was not killed.
It made me think, how many times have you been annoyed by something but just put up with it and said nothing? Here are some of my pet peeves:

1. Being in a rush in a store and waiting while the person in front counts out $1.53 in pennies

2. Shop assistants who are more concerned with talking to their workmates than they are about serving you

3. Hairdressers who talk to you constantly through your entire hair appointment
4. Drivers who think the correct sequence is manoevre, signal, mirror

5. Waitresses who ask you if everything is alright with your meal when you are just about to give the punchline for a joke, or just as you squeeze that extra-large piece of chocolate fudge brownie into your mouth.

6. Waiting in a long line at the supermarket/post office/whatever; another register is opened up and the people behind me push by to get to the front of the new line.

7. Getting the trainee checkout operator at the supermarket ("No, of course I don't mind that you've rung through all of my 50 items and then accidently pressed cancel, so you have to ring them all through again...")

One of my favorite movies is "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas. It tells the story of a businessman stuck in traffic, and how his day goes from bad to worse due to a chain of extremely simple, but unfortunate, events. Highly recommended

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