Monday, May 18, 2009

Stand out from the crowd

Schools in the UK are to make changes to their school uniform rules and switch from the traditional tie, to a clip on tie. The reasons being quoted are for health and safety, you won’t get hurt if your clip on tie gets caught in machinery for example. But the change is also to promote a more uniform appearance preventing children from customizing their ties with fat knots and short tails.

When I was at school we did everything we could to be creative with our boring school uniform while just about staying within the rules. Ties with short tails and fat knots were obviously a must. Girls blouses were supposed to be a pale blue color cotton – I managed to get one with some shine in it (it was the 70’s after all!!). It was extremely unfashionable to wear skirts of a regulation length to the knee, and mini skirts were long gone, so we wore our skirts as long as we could, way below the top of our socks. And of course it was essential to wear shoes with as much platform on them as you were allowed to get away with. It’s called style OK??

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