Saturday, July 31, 2010

Romaine's Wood Grill & Bar

Had a bit of a disappointing meal at Romaine's Restaurant in Northborough this evening. We went out to celebrate my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary, so we wanted it to be a nice evening. Our table was in a good position, but the restaurant was freezing. Its the end of July and people were sat at their tables wearing coats! Why can't these restaurants understand that the temperatures should be set so the customer are comfortable, and not the chefs in the kitchen.

We waited a long time for our drinks, we had been studying the menu for so long I could quote from it by heart. We waited even longer for the bread to arrive.

Our appetizers were all good, but the entrees were very disappointing. Two of us ordered a veal bolognaise, and it contained bones, both small and large, lurking in amongst the meat, tomato and pasta mixture. This made it impossible to eat for fear of swallowing a bone. In addition, my daughter was given the rarest "well done" burger I have ever seen. Although the waitress said the manager would be out to apologize, he never made an appearance - obviously couldn't be bothered. Not good. We will not be paying them another visit for a while.

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