Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Doing some posing...

I am a bit reluctant to add a new post because I like the picture on my previous post ;-) but I guess I can't leave it there forever so here follows another of my meaningless babbles....

In an attempt to ease my aching back, which has given me a lot of problems for some years now, I have started some simple yoga stretches (or 'postures' as they are known in yoga circles). I have been using a DVD called Simply Yoga by an Australian woman called Yolanda Pettinato. I was a bit skeptical at first, especially when the first shot is of her wrapped in a purple blanket saying "Ommmm" or something similar. But I pressed on and did really well at the first move "Savasana" - which for those that are not in the know is also called "the corpse pose". Bit tricky, all that lying down and breathing in and out slowly, but I soon got the hang of it.

Anyway, I'm glad to report that it did get a bit more strenuous as the DVD progressed, and I did manage most of the 'postures', although on occasion I felt like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz after a downpour; a bit rusty & stiff.

I've now been doing yoga every morning before work and I have noticed an improvement. I won't be wrapping my legs around my neck just yet (not in public anyway) but at least I can bend down to put my Simply Yoga DVD in the player without hurting my back.

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