Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ireland - stepping back in time

One of the things I really liked about Ireland was that it felt like I'd stepped back in time to an era when the speed camera had not been invented. Driving along the country roads was a pleasure and it was so uncrowded. I also liked the fact that the towns we visited seemed to have many unique local shops, including a family butchers shop. Although we did see the occasional Tesco, they were quite few and far between. I must point out that I am a Tesco fan :) But they do tend to take over from the small local shops which add so much character to a place. It may be just that we were in tourist areas, but it did feel like I'd stepped back 30 or more years.

I also liked the numerous local pubs, often with live Irish music in the evenings. I think this is definitely one area where modern ideas have helped. Since the smoking ban in pubs, they have become family-friendly. I'm sure they were very different 10 years ago!

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