Friday, July 30, 2010

I can hear the grass grow (not)

Well it obviously had to happen. Every year Tony cuts our lawn, every week without fail, from Spring through Fall. Our lawn is pretty big, and the grass grows like its on steroids; frankly its difficult to keep up. So this year we (actually, I) decided that we would get someone in to cut the grass. So for the first few weeks of the summer we would come home from work on a Friday to be greeted by lovely neat lawns with trimmed edges. Wonderful!

But of course, we have had a really good summer this year, endless days of sunshine with very little rain. Our grass has effectively turned brown and gone to sleep. There is not a blade to be cut anywhere - I could probably trim the couple of stray long ones with a pair of nail scissors. No wonder my grass-cutting guys are smiling.

Thought an appropriate thing to tag onto this blog post was a Youtube video of an inappropriately titled song from long ago...

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