Friday, July 2, 2010

Dan Dooley? Not so good

After a long overnight flight, we eventually arrived at Shannon Airport in the Southwest of Ireland. Our first task was to pickup a rental car. The package deal we had arranged used a local company called "Dan Dooley" - the name alone should've sent warning bells ringing. The courtesy van was pretty battered and the cheerful Oirish driver gave us a few directions including some to a big supermarket called Tescos. "That's T-E-S-C-O" he spelled out to us, obviously not recognizing our British accents. At the rental car garage, one of Dan's men brought our rental car round to the front. I never realized it was possible to maneuver between so many parked cars at such a speed. Not surprising then that we had to use continuation sheets to note down all of the bumps and scratches on the car. Still, it seemed to work OK (can't say the same for the Air Conditioning though), if only there was a way to remove that smell of stale urine....

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