Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting hot & sweaty in the Gym

I fall for it every time and this year was no exception. Every year the school has some sort of "parents evening". Every year I dutifully attend thinking that I may miss some essential information if I dont, and every year I wonder why I bothered.

This year was no exception. The visit was to the middle school, which is where Emma will be next year. She had the chance to walk around so she could get her bearings a bit, then there was a meeting for parents and kids in the gym. Wandering around the school was OK, despite the 96 degree heat outside and no air conditioning in the school. I was wondering whether to go listen to the presentation in the gym. My gut told me that it would be nothing particularly interesting, but as usual I thought I'd better go just in case there was some essential information that I had to hear. So I sat in the gym on a hard plastic, mini-sized chair with a few hundred other red-faced, sweating, slightly irritated parents as we listened to the principal chirp happily on about her schools values (respect, responsibility and something else), the names of the principal, deputy principal, assistant to the deputy principal, school nurse, special ed teacher, janitor, school cat.....and how wonderful the children were and how happy everyone was.....yada, yada...
Eventually, with beads of sweat dripping down by back, I decided that I would have to take a chance on getting told off by the teachers, and leave before the end. I sneaked out with Emma feeling slightly guilty but glad to be out of the hothouse. Why did I bother? The leaflets they handed out gave all the essential information, that was all I needed. I'll know better next time....(yeah, right!)

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