Thursday, May 20, 2010

An indication of intention

This post is for most of the people who drive from Marlborough, MA along the I-290 at about 5pm each weekday. Have you ever noticed that little stick thing that is attached near your steering wheel? Did you know that if you move it to one side or the other, it not only makes a little clicking noise, but it also makes those little side lights on the front and back of your car flash on and off. Amazing! And do you know what those little lights are? They are known as indicator lights, turn signal lights, or sometimes we affectionately call them blinkers. We use them to indicate the direction in which we intend to move our car. If the right one flashes it means we are going to move to the right, and if the left one flashes it means...well... you get the idea. You see, it helps other drivers on the road (like me) see what your intentions are so I don't get surprised and more than just a teeny bit angry when you suddenly swerve out in front of me with no warning. And it stops me from having to say bad words and making those strange hand un-ladylike. If for nothing else than to save my reputation, USE THE DAMN TURN SIGNALS, IDIOT!!!

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