Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye Mr Chips

Its chipmunk catching season again. Every summer we get tonnes of the little b$#&%*ds in our garden, digging holes under all the flower beds and killing the plants. Very cute and all that, but what a pain. Our cats can only catch so many, besides, its easier to eat a can of "whiskers" than it is to have to catch your dinner. So we have resorted to using "humane" traps, i.e. a cage that entices them in with tasty morsels, then the doors slam shut once they are in. The good thing is that they never get wise to it. We can catch one or two per day, only restricted by the number of times we can be bothered to drive to the park and release them. Its unlikely we will get rid of them all, but as Tesco's likes to tell us "every little helps"

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