Saturday, May 8, 2010

Neil...take a back seat!

A couple of weeks ago when we were in San Antonio, we spent a day at Seaworld. I was really pleased to see that the free/included concert in the evening was Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo (Pat's husband, songwriter and lead guitar player over her 25+ year career). I have seen them in concert twice before and, although I could never claim to have been a fan of hers in her heyday in the eighties, I really enjoyed the concerts and some of her songs got added to my list of all-time favorites, songs such as "Invincible" and "We live for love". However I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with this concert. The sound was all wrong for a start, they started out with "All fired up", but the microphone focused on Giraldo's electric guitar was so high that it very nearly drowned out Pat. And every song had the same pattern; Pat sings a couple of verses, then we break to a drawn-out guitar solo from Neil, then back to Pat to finish up. Now I know he is a good guitar player but, quite frankly, I don't believe that people go to Pat Benatar concerts to listen to Giraldo play guitar. Sure, once or maybe even twice, allow him some time to play a solo and show how good a player he is, but not for every song. We left before the end and quite frankly, I was glad to leave. Shame really.

Here's a video clip where he is playing an acoustic guitar. Much better in my opinion.


  1. Think you need to go back and listen to Pat's songs...They ALL had guitar solos in the middle. It was 80's rock after all! And as far as the sound mix, well unfortunately that just sucked.

  2. Yes, you are right. I guess I just noticed the guitar solos more this time because they were so loud!!