Saturday, October 31, 2009

Opposites attract?

People always point out how different men and women are in their attitude to life, work, love, children.....pretty much anything really. Its the lttle differences that I find amusing.

Take last week for example. Our electric (tea) kettle blew a fuse or something and refused to work. We have had it for a few years now and I was getting kind of tired of it, so I thought to myself "never mind, I can go look for something nice as a replacement on the weekend, maybe a shiny stainless steel kettle, or one where the water indicator changes from blue to red as the water heats up, or I could go wild and get a bright orange one" (such is the excitement of my life).

Imagine my disappointment when I got back from work on Friday, only to see a new kettle delivered from Amazon. It was exactly the same as the old one. My practical hubbie's mind must've just thought "kettle knackered, new kettle, Amazon". Thats my weekend shot to pieces...

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  1. You need to get out more Hev. Nog xx