Sunday, October 11, 2009

Batten down the hatches!

Although the weather this weekend is glorious, its easy to forget just how quickly that can change. I think of this time of year as an opportunity to prepare for winter. On the weather forecast today there is a huge cold front in the middle of the country (Denver has had snow), and our heating cut in this morning. I'm not taking any chances.

So yesterday I took down the insect nets from the gazebo, pulled up some annuals, emptied some flowerpots and generally started to batten down the hatches. We have been known to have our first snowfall at the end of October, and its hard to do all this stuff with a foot of snow on the ground. But in general I'm an optimist, and I'm hopeful that, as has happened in some years, we don't see any of the white stuff until the start of the New Year. I won't bet on it though...

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