Monday, October 12, 2009

All I want for Christmas....

One of the problems living so far away from your relatives, is dealing with birthdays and Christmas, and getting presents to people. It used to be a right pain in the neck. When we visited the UK in the summer we'd have to think about Christmas presents for everyone so we could leave them there. We'd head back to Boston weighed down with presents from relatives that seemed like housebricks wrapped in paper. The alternative was my relatives asking if we could buy presents for the kids on their behalf. I think this was worse because, not only did I have to think of presents to give the kids from us, I had to repeat it all for everyone else. And I had to wrap everything!

But times change. Now there is! Its possible for each of us to create "wishlists" containing all sorts of things that we would like from the Amazon website. Friends and relatives in the UK can select items from the wishlist to buy, and get them sent here all ready giftwrapped. The wishlist will even update and keep track of what's been bought, to eliminate the possibility of duplicate purchases. What an invention! I should've bought shares in Amazon 5 years ago!

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