Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wildlife in my garden

Just took this picture of a deer that wandered onto our back garden. It was pretty big, although it doesn't appear so in this picture. They are usually very shy so its strange to see one in the open like this. We get a number of animals in our back yard that would be unusual in the UK. Here's some others that are regular visitors:

Opossum - The Virginia opossum is North America's only marsupial. The opossum is about the size of a large house cat. It has a triangular head and a long pointed nose. It has grayish fur everywhere but on its ears, feet and tail. We've seen Opossums on our deck at night, usually stealing food from the cats bowl. 

I tried to take this picture of one through the window, you can just about see him..

Chipmunks - Chipmunks are small squirrel-like rodents that are native to North America. 

Chipmunks construct extensive underground burrows which can be more than 3.5 m in length and these chipmunk burrows often have several well-concealed entrances to keep the chipmunk burrow a secret from unwanted predators. Most of these burrows seem to be in my garden.

Northern (red) cardinal - we frequently see these beautiful birds on our bird feeders, especially if we have sunflower seeds in the feeder

Hummingbirds - We hang hummingbird feeders on our gazebo every year, and every year the hummingbirds come visit us. These really are beautiful birds, very bold but so tiny. Some are the size of your thumb. The feeders are filled with a sugar solution, sometimes colored red to attract them.

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