Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday morning musings

There is nothing better than a Saturday morning. With the sun coming up around 5AM, I've been waking up early these past few weeks. I'm not someone who can doze for hours on end so I get up. I love being the only one awake in the house. I put on the radio (BBC Radio 2 obviously), feed the cats and make my favorite tipple...a nice, strong cup of tea. Bliss!
What is it about the British people and tea? And why is it impossible to get a good cuppa in the US? I am always amazed at how some people in work make their tea. They fill their cardboard cup with hot water, add milk, then eventually float a sad-looking Liptons tea bag in the mix. It never changes to a shade deeper than oatmeal (for the guys reading this, thats pale brown), whereas it should be a beautiful, dark tan color (guys....thats dark brown). A cuppa is the antidote to everything...broke up with your boyfriend? Never mind, have a nice cuppa tea. House been burgled?...Never mind, have a nice cuppa tea. In my house the biggest disaster I can imagine would be to run out of teabags...

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