Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indigenous wildlife

Last week I saw a beaver, complete with flat paddle tail,  a coyote and a family of wild turkeys. Was I in the local zoo? No, I was driving to work. Admittedly the coyote was dead in the middle of the road but still, it was unusual to see all that wildlife.

Of course it would be even more unusual had I been driving in Wales. I used to assume that the Northeastern states of the US were geographically similar to the UK and would be home to the same species of animal. Yet the reality is that the indigenous population is quite different.   No hedgehogs in the US; no chipmunks in the UK, for example.

However I should add,  although we don't have that common UK species, the "soccer hooligan", we do have something equally as offensive called the "Walmart shopper". Here's some lovely specimens going about their daily business.

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