Saturday, March 16, 2013

A normal Saturday

Its a very normal Saturday today. I'm listening to Sunshine Radio Hereford (the wonders of Internet radio), taking it easy recovering from a bad cold which has kept me in bed for the past 2 days. Tony has watched the Ireland/Italy match (Rugby 6 Nations to the uninitiated), and is looking forward to the England/Wales decider later on today. Again, the technological wonders of the internet enable us to watch British TV shows, either in real time or on iPlayer. Emma is playing soccer in Auburn - she has 2 games in a row today.

Later I will take Rob to his piano lesson and spend a peaceful half an hour drinking hot chocolate in my favorite coffee house (Black Diamond Coffee) across the street while I wait for him. I expect later I will be able to squeeze in a bit of shopping therapy to help in my recovery!

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