Tuesday, March 26, 2013

British TV Shows

I have to admit, I do not watch much TV. But what I do watch usually comes from the UK. Obviously my one staple program is Coronation Street - I don't miss an episode. But I do try to keep up with the various series on UK television. I loved Downton Abbey and am looking forward to the new series. I also enjoyed Sherlock, Episodes and Ripper Street. The latest series that has my attention is Broadchurch on ITV. I watched Episode 3 last night.

I'm not a big David Tennant fan. He's a bit manic looking for my taste. But he's reasonably good in Broadchurch. This show started off very strongly, with the unexplained death of a local boy. But its starting to drag and last nights episode was somewhat tedious. We are being introduced to lots of suspicious looking people from the village who could've committed the crime. But its obvious to me that the person who did this is someone you'd least expect. I believe Ellie (the policewoman) is significant in the plot, as is her family. They have played down the character of Ellie's husband until last nights episode, and its obvious her son has something to hide. So my great powers of deduction have decided that Ellie's husband is involved somewhere, and her son is covering up what he knows to protect his Dad....you see if I'm not right :)

A very strange series that became a must-watch for us was the Green Wing. It was the weirdest show and we couldn't decide if we liked it, but by the end of the first series we were addicted. What a disappointment the second series was! So poor in fact that we never bothered to watch all episodes. A real shame.

One of the more unusual shows we watch is on BBC Alba - BBC Scotland. On a Sunday night is a show just titled Alba, and each week it covers 1 year of history in Scotland during the seventies. Its narrated in Scottish (celtic?) but most of the people speaking on news reports are speaking English. All the events of the decade are backed up by music of the time. Its interesting to watch news "reels" on the Cod War, various utility service strikes and politicians such as Ted Heath and Maggie Thatcher coming into power. Its amazing how much I remember, especially towards the end of the seventies (I must be REALLY old!)

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