Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mamma Mia!

OK, I know I said I wasn't going to post anything further in this blog, but I felt I had to write about the concert Emma and I saw last weekend. The concert was an Abba tribute band called "Arrival". This band has been playing since 1995 and have played all over the world.

First the good. The band sounded very authentic, and the girls could really sing. They played all the well-known hits of Abba.

Now the bad...

The entrance - After all the excitement and build-up to this concert, it was extremely disappointing when they entered the stage and sang some unknown, not particularly catchy, song.

The costumes - the Arrival website makes a big deal of the fact that they are licensed to wear copies of the Abba original costumes. However they must've had most of their costumes in the wash last weekend because they only wore a couple and they were very similar; extremely short tunic style dresses with side slits up to their armpits. The only catsuits we saw were on the men, and that was not a pretty sight...

The encore - After leaving the stage and re-entering for their encore, one would expect them to play one of their most popular songs to finish. But no, it was one of those unknown numbers again. What were they thinking? Talk about a damp squid!

Overall though I did enjoy the night out with a great group of neighbors/friends. And although the choice of songs at the concert could've been better when they played songs we knew it was very enjoyable.

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