Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad luck comes in threes

They say that bad luck comes in threes. If that is true then I am glad to say that I must be done with the bad luck now. The past 2 days have not been good.

Yesterday I was greeted by a pool of water in the basement, our water heater had finally given up and started leaking over the floor. I spent a large part of the day waiting for a guy from our gas/water providers to come and look at it, only to hear that we needed a new water heater (duh) and should get a plumber in. So much for our service plan...

So we were without  hot water all day today, and I relied on boiling the kettle to fill the bowl up to do the dishes. That worked...until the kettle packed in. This cannot get any worse I thought. How little I knew.

This evening I decided that I would go to the gym with Robert so that we could use their nice hot showers. While in the gym, a snowstorm started and by the time we drove home it was near blizzard conditions. While waiting at a junction to turn left onto the main road, a car turned right into the road I was waiting on and I heard a huge THUMP and realized that my car had been hit. I can only assume that the other guy skidded as he turned and the back end of his car swerved and slammed into the side of my car. So I stood in the blizzard for 10 minutes exchanging details, drove slowly home in a car with the wheel scraping against metal, then spent the next hour on the phone to the insurance company.

I think I need a much for my New Year's resolution not to drink in January...

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