Saturday, January 14, 2012

Groupon poupon

Our neighbors (who shall remain know who you are!) persuaded me to join Groupon. "Its wonderful Heather" they said, "you can get sports massages for 99% off and 3 course meals at a Michelin 5 star restaurant for tuppence ha'penny"...or words to that effect. Anyway, I was convinced so I signed up.

So far I must say I have been less than impressed. This weeks offerings have included 50% off indoor and outdoor flags (indoors flags! who the hell has an indoor flag!) Yesterday I could've got 58% off breakfast at an unknown restaurant in the back of beyond. Or how about a Skuuzi for $15...a kind of mitten specially shaped for holding your beer ; I must admit this has possibilities although it would make driving difficult (not sure what the image on the bottom left is trying to suggest...)

But my favorite has to be 53% off Justin Bieber singing toothbrushes...

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