Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lazy git

No wonder America has an obesity problem. Yesterday I was heading to my (rental) car after having spent too much money in Target, and a car stopped near us. Surely he is not waiting for me, I thought. Target was not exactly full and there was loads of room in the parking lot. In fact there were multiple spaces not more than 6 cars away from me. I loaded my bags into the trunk, I took my time about getting settled in my seat, I tuned the radio, adjusted the heating, the mirror and the angle of my seat, and still this car waited. Eventually I could think of nothing else to do so I reversed out of my spot and as I left I looked back only to see the car pulling into the space I'd vacated. Can you believe it? He must have been waiting close to 5 minutes for me to leave. And what are the chances that he was going to Target to buy the latest exercise DVD...

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