Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only in the UK

Back in the UK for a short visit. I flew into Heathrow then took the train from Paddington station. While waiting for my train at Paddington I decided to visit "the loo", so I dutifully followed the signs. I lugged my suitcase down 3 flights of steps to get to the ladies room, only to be greeted by a small, narrow turnstile and a sign that said "30p". Swearing ever so slightly under my breath, I scrambled in my bag to find 30p to allow me entrance. Success! Luckily I had 30p in the little plastic bag of left-over change from the last time I visited the country. I inserted my money and tried to squeeze myself and my suitcase thru the turnstile. Well, my suitcase went through, and so did my right leg. But the turnstile clicked shut before I had chance to follow up with my left leg. So I am left straddling the turnstile , much to the amusement of a couple of little girls and their mother. After much abuse of the Queens English, and a Herculean effort from myself against my tight jeans, I managed to hurdle my leg over the turnstile. Worst of all, after paying 30p for the privilege, I had lost the urge to pee. Welcome to the UK!!

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