Saturday, April 24, 2010

Its more than my jobs worth!

Just back from a week's vacation in San Antonio, Texas with the family. We flew with American Airlines. Flying really has become a complete pain in the neck. We were allowed two items of hand luggage each. At boarding time we handed over our boarding passes and were about to walk past the stewardess when she stopped me. You have three items of hand luggage, she said, and you are only allowed two (I had a handbag and a bigger shoulder bag, and was pulling along the roll-on suitcase). Its OK, I said, we are a group of 4 and we have less than 8 items between us. That doesn't matter, she said, you are only allowed two items. So I passed the suitcase to Tony (who only had a backpack and was walking immediately behind me), he wheeled it past the stewardess, then handed it back to me once we'd passed by. Apparently that was OK, but I couldn't hold it as I walked past the "jobs-worth" stewardess.

Talking of Jobs-worth's, it reminds me of an incident when we were in New York a few weeks ago. We were in "The Food Emporium", a kind of supermarket that also does a good selection of freshly prepared food, that you can buy then go eat it in the seating area. I was waiting to pay at the checkout desk, and I reached over to the next (unused) checkout desk, to get some plastic forks to eat our lunch with. "Ah-ah" tutted the lady at the checkout, waving her finger back and forth like a mother chastising her 2 year old. "Please don't help yourself to the knives and forks, I have to get them for you", she said. So I handed my forks to her, and (I kid you not), she handed them back to me. Now all was well with her little world. Whatever...

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