Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Alamo - a piece of Texas history

No visit to San Antonio would be complete without a visit to the Alamo.

The Alamo was, at one time, a remote Catholic mission built by the Spanish government at a time when Mexico was a Spanish colony and Texas was part of Mexico.

In 1821 Mexico became independent from Spain. During the next decade, thousands of Americans moved to Texas searching for new opportunities. In 1835 hostilities broke out between Texas rebels and the Mexican government of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. A small army of citizen soldiers opposed to Santa Anna defeated a Mexican garrison in San Antonio and decided to stay there, at The Alamo.

From February 23 to March 6th 1836 the most famous battle of the Texas Revolution took place, The Battle of the Alamo. The Texans fought bravely, but the Mexican army was too strong. Almost all of the Texans were killed in the battle. They died for the cause of liberty and freedom of Texas. They call it the most gallant stands of courage and self-sacrifice with a lasting battle cry that is still heard in Texas as Remember the Alamo.

Today The Alamo is by far the most visited historic site in Texas, but it has come to represent far more than just the struggle against Santa Anna. The phrase "The Alamo" has come to represent any struggle against difficult odds, and the idea of fighting for freedom.

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